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[Recorded May 7, 2015]

We’d inadvertently taken a lengthy break, but we’re back with roughly a month of news and gaming. We touch on our feelings after finishing The Order: 1886, Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae, Life is Strange: Episode 2, Axiom Verge, the hilarious Deadpool game, Lifeline, and the hard choices of Telltale’s Game of Thrones. Playing GTA V with a 4-year-old; playing it on Oculus Rift. There’s Tales from the Borderlands and The Stanley Parable. And then there’s Konami/Kojima—hoo boy—game delays, big bucks free-to-play MOBAs make, the lead up to the reveal of the new Deus Ex, Mario Kart’s lifetime sales, and some other tidbits.

For Rob’s Axiom Verge review, which is much more articulate than the things he’s said on this podcast, visit http://passthemsticks.com/2015/05/axiom-verge-review-all-that-glitches-is-gold/
“When It’s OK to Play Grand Theft Auto With a Toddler”: http://pixelkin.org/2015/04/28/when-its-ok-to-play-grand-theft-auto-with-a-toddler/

One Giant Pixel Podcast

In our landmark 10th episode and final episode of 2014, returning guest of the show, Gus, talks about 1994: the best year for basketball games and envisions how Shaq could improve various franchises. We also talk about To the Moon, Tales from the Borderlands, Episode 1, brief notes on Squids Odyssey, Captain Toad (which is freaking adorable but not two players!), hacks, leaks, our games of the year, and why we loved the new Uncharted 4 footage. And that time Gus had to take a live lobster on the subway…

One Giant Pixel Podcast